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Going Online as Leaders (GOAL) Program was launched by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs (MoTA) and Facebook on 15th May 2020 to digitally skill and empower 5000 youth from tribal communities over five years. The project aims to identify and mobilise 2500 renowned people from the industry which include policy makers and influencers, teachers, artists, entrepreneurs and social workers known for their achievements in their respective domains, to personally mentor tribal youth across India. The nine-month program includes seven months of mentorship in areas such as digital literacy, life skills, leadership & entrepreneurship and sector-specific skills followed by a two-month internship for the mentees to gain an on-ground experience.

The programme has been designed for the youth in tribal areas and targets their capacity building which will in turn inspire, guide and encourage them and boost their confidence levels while igniting higher aspirations among them. The acquired skills and abilities will help them gain leadership skills, and equip them to identify challenges in the society, find solutions to fight those challenges and use that knowledge to support their livelihood as well as the society’s socio-economic status. The core areas of mentorship program are digital literacy, life skills, leadership & entrepreneurship and sector-specific skills.